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America's First Affordable Personal Training Studio That Help's You Meet Your Personal Fitness Goals. . .

One thing that sets us aside from most gyms, fitness centers, or health spas is all of our clients come in by appointment only twice a week. Within our private warm atmosphere you receive one on one attention. Most importantly we make sure you are doing things correctly (safe), pushing you harder to achieve the best results, and holding you accountable to your individual goals. We truly care about your success and treat our program as a life style change that you will be able to continue even after you’ve achieved your goals. This success with our program is why were proud to tell you we have over a 65% client retention rate. We also offer discounts and incentives to continue and keep your awesome results!

Due to the limited space of each studios private atmosphere we can't accept everyone as clients. We are looking for two important factors when determining if our program will be the right fit for you. Your dedication and commitment will be a direct reflection of your results. Therefore, it’s Important that you adhere to our protocol and nutritional advice. Attitude is second. We work hard to create a fun, energetic, and positive environment for our members.

We understand that different people have different budgets. At My Personal Trainer we don’t want the price factor of having a personal trainer deter you away from achieving your goals and creating an overall healthier lifestyle. So here is our promise to you. . .

  • 1. WE WON'T pressure you into anything you don't want to do.
  • 2. WE WON'T force you or your family into financial hardship.

Our programs cost between $99 and $209 per month. We do not charge per session. Compared to the average personal training pricing rates in Northeast Ohio, we could save you up to 70% Less. We do have other programs which include some additional incentives to help you achieve your goals, which vary a bit from the introductory price. Our program is intensity driven not time driven and the science behind why what we do works is why you are choosing to come to us. Proper progressive exercise will get you the results you are looking for and our goal is to help you create and maintain a healthier version of you! First time visitors and families can receive additional discounts. Call today to schedule your FREE consultation!

MPT Program

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My Personal Trainer


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These statements are not meant to guarantee your individual results. While all claims are from actual clients that are willing to verify their individual results upon request, your individual results may vary depending on your individual effort and adherence to program.